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Main Programs and Activities of TURC

The organization fulfills its mission by providing a range of services, including research and education, legal support, and advocacy, aimed at supporting workers and improving working conditions.

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Membedah Perluasan Jaminan Sosial Bagi Buruh dalam RUU Cipta Kerja
Rancangan Undang-Undang (RUU) Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja yang digadang-gadang menjadi resep jitu pertumbuhan...
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Omnibus Law dan Ancaman Resesi Global
Ekonomi dunia sedang mengalami perlambatan baikdinegara-negaramaju maupun berkembang. Fenomena ini dikenal...
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Frequently Asked Questions About TURC

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Yes, we provide consulting services regarding labor law

Can TURC provide training to workers on employment issues?

We open opportunities for cooperation to work with your organization or your workplace related to issues related to employment

What expertise does the TURC Team have?

  • Advocacy
  • Event Management
  • Training and Workshops

What is the focus of the organization?


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