Trade Union Rights Centre

Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) is led by a team with diverse backgrounds in labor and employment rights. Our vision is to realize welfare for workers with the principles of justice, while upholding democratic values and respecting diversity. We design comprehensive solutions that aim to provide support for Indonesian workers to experience security, justice, and prosperity in the world of work.


TURC, was founded in 2004 with a clear dream: to bridge the knowledge gap around trade unions and the labor movement in Indonesia. During that time, a wave of new unions began to emerge but the lack of understanding about the rights and roles of labor unions became a real challenge. As a proactive response, TURC grew and developed as an institution that focuses on in-depth studies, research, and advocacy on labor issues affecting the Indonesian working community.

Since its inception, TURC has become a recognized hub for exploring various aspects of labor in the country. Through meticulous research, we generate rich insights into working conditions, worker protection, as well as union dynamics. Not only that, TURC also sets the stage for discussions and advocacy forums, giving voice to the unheard in the labor world. With a holistic and evidence-based approach, TURC continues to be at the forefront of the fight for justice for Indonesian workers, pushing for policy reforms that favor the welfare and rights of workers.

Trade Union Rights Centre - Tentang TURC

Our vision is to realize equitable welfare for workers in the field of labor by upholding the values of democracy and diversity.

Mission 1

To become a center for labor studies and information.

Mission 2

To facilitate the empowerment of workers and labor unions through pedagogy with a human rights approach.

Mission 3

To serve as a think tank for workers, labor unions, and other stakeholders by conducting mapping and analysis related to labor dynamics.

Mission 4

To engage in strategic advocacy and influence stakeholder policies to promote a better labor situation.

Mission 5

To foster solidarity among stakeholders in the labor movement.

Mission 6

To conduct campaigns aimed at promoting the fulfillment of labor rights and the realization of a welfare state based on democracy and diversity.

TURC Principles and Values

Our commitment to creating a workspace that is safe and comfortable

TURC has a strong commitment to social justice and equality, and works closely with trade unions, labor organizations, and other stakeholders to achieve its goals.

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