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Covid 19: Worker-Driven Monitoring and Evidence-Based Social Dialogue in Indonesian Garment Factories

Between May 2020 and August 2021, the Data Academy gathered data on the impact of COVID-19 gathered from trade unionists in 194 Indonesian gar- ment factories. The data describes both the COVID impact on the factory floor, such as Occupational Safety and Health, wages, working hours and temporary fac- tory closures. Furthermore, it examines purchasing prac- tices, like reduced orders and delayed payments, and support from buyers. While the findings cover a whole range of subjects, this paper focuses on the impact the COVID crisis has had especially for women workers, occupational health and safety during the pandemic and the impact on the business.

This data arises out of the cooperation between WageIndicator/Gajimu.com, Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) and Mondiaal FNV pertaining to the Data Academy. Central to this approach is ‘worker-driven monitoring’ and strengthening unions for an ‘evi- dence-based approach to social dialogue’. The Data Academy trains trade union officials to collect data from co-workers on working conditions in their facto- ries and to use this data to negotiate with employers for better working conditions.

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