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Under the Weight of Production Targets and Reproductive Labor: Exploring Women Workers’ Occupational Health and Safety in Indonesia’s Shoe and Footwear Industry

Women workers in the shoe and footwear sector in Indonesia face unique challenges. They are not only engaged in workplace activities that require perseverance and physical toughness but are also responsible for chores and domestic roles. In this situation, they experience a double burden where they have to maintain occupational health and safety in the workplace while fulfilling exhausting household responsibilities.

In this book, we discuss the physical risks associated with working in the shoe and footwear industry, such as fatigue due to heavy workloads, exposure to hazardous chemicals, non-ergonomic work positions as well as unmet maternity rights in the workplace. Additionally, we explore the psychological impacts of high job pressure, work-life imbalance, and the social stigma that women workers may experience. We also analyzed the impact of physical and mental fatigue on occupational health and safety, and provide examples of efforts made by trade unions to address and reduce these burdens.

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