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TURC Annual Report 2022

We’re proud to present to you our Annual Report with the theme “Strengthening Trade Unions amidst the Pressure of the Job Creation Law and COVID-19.”

The past year has been filled with challenges and trials for trade unions in Indonesia. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world, has hit the job sector and the economy at large, including in our country. Amidst these difficult circumstances, the implementation of the controversial Job Creation Law has added additional pressure on trade unions in their efforts to protect workers’ rights.

This report is a reflection of the struggles and achievements we have made in the face of these challenges. We are committed to strengthening trade unions, giving voice to workers, and protecting their rights in this uncertain time.

In this report, we explore the impact of the Job Creation Law and the COVID-19 pandemic on trade unions. We analyze the challenges faced by trade unions in carrying out their duties and share the strategies and steps we have taken to strengthen the role of trade unions in creating a fair and just working environment.

We also highlight our accomplishments throughout the year. Through collaborative efforts with other trade unions, the government, and strategic partners, we have successfully launched strong advocacy campaigns, raised public awareness, and advocated for positive policy changes for workers.

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